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  1. Please describe usage in detail for “Project”; Rights granted for stated purpose only:


  2. Conditions for research/ usage:

  1. The Society makes every effort to make materials accessible; however, some materials may be unavailable for reasons of conservation, copyright restriction, or the protection or privacy of donor agreements. No archival materials, photographs, research files, reference books or negatives may be removed from the Aspen Historical Society archives.

  2. Requests are filled on a first come, first serve basis and in case of urgent requests, the Society reserves the right to refuse urgent requests where staff resources are insufficient to allow a response in the time allotted.

  3. All orders for photograph reproductions must be in writing and require at least two weeks advance notice. All scanned photographic reproductions must be in writing and require at least two business days advance notice. Advance payment is required as per the appropriate rate as set by the fee schedule.

  4. In the case of photographic, scanned photographic reproductions, and digital files, permission is for one-time use only for the Project and any marketing thereof with no other rights. Any subsequent re-use is strictly prohibited. All digital files of images may not be preserved for user’s digital collection. In the case of digital files used in TV/Film, the footage can be used only within the Project, but the Project can be rebroadcast as set forth in Section A.

  5. Permission to re-use a photographic reproduction or digital file must made in writing to the Aspen Historical Society. An additional fee may be charged for re-use. The user may not reproduce or permit others to reproduce the photograph, digital file, or any copy or facsimile of it.

  6. The credit line for all reproductions must appear in close proximity to the image and read Aspen Historical Society. With film, slide presentations, and video productions, the credit line can appear with the other credits at the beginning or end of the production or when footage is shown in the Project. In the case of printed publication, one complimentary copy of the Project in which the photographic file appears must be sent to the Aspen Historical Society.

  7. For Social Media usage: when sharing on social media:“Image courtesy of (tag) @HistoryAspen” The handle is the same across all three platforms:

    Instagram - @HistoryAspen Twitter - @HistoryAspen

    Facebook - @HistoryAspen (Aspen Historical Society)

  8. Web usage of images must contain a hyperlink: Aspen Historical Society

  9. The user assumes all responsibility for possible copyright infringement arising from the use of reproductions or information.

  10. In authorizing the publication of a photographic or scanned photographic copy, the Society does not surrender any rights, including, but not limited to, its own right to publish it, or to grant permission to others to do so. All printed images must be stamped with “© Aspen Historical Society. All rights reserved.”

  11. Commercial users of the Society’s staff and information resources will be billed for these services as described in the fee schedule.

  12. Public, Media and other Non-Commercial users of the Society’s staff and resources will be provided two hours of free access to the Society per calendar year. Use of these services beyond that period will be billed at the appropriate rate as set by the fee schedule and may include expenses such as photocopies, faxes, etc. Public, Media, and Non-Commercial users are encouraged to conduct their own research, in person, using the Society’s information resources. Appointments are required. One of the privileges of membership is free research subject to the other conditions of this contract.

  13. Public, Media and Non-Commercial users’ research and photographic requests received by mail and by e-mail will be provided 30 minutes of free search time per request. Any time required beyond this period will be billed at the appropriate rate as set by the fee schedule. Shipping and handling fees are the responsibility of the user.

  14. All images must be reproduced unaltered and, in their entirety, unless advance permission has been granted by the Aspen Historical Society for manipulations.

  15. Payments must be made prior to receiving product. If client can not pay at time of purchase order may be negotiated, but payment must be made within 15 days or an 8% late fee will be added to the bill and rights may be revoked.

I hereby accept the conditions of the Use Contract, have fully disclosed the use of the material and extent of the Project, and understand that copyright restrictions apply.

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