• 1963.044.0145

  • 1963.044.0225

  • 1966.010.0001

  • 1972.002.0162

  • 1974.110.0675

  • 1975.018.0051

  • 1990.006.0010

  • 1991.020.0026

  • 1995.093.0565

  • 2003.051.0005

  • 2010.038.0001

  • 2011.017.0003


Above are just a few samples of our Top Picks.

To Purchase Photo Print

  1. Looking for a particular image? Keyword search here. Want some help or just beautiful shots of Aspen? Browse here.
  2. Once you find the image or images you want to purchase, write down the number associated with it. It should start with four digits. So, if you like this photo (attached), then you’d write down 1969.010.0030.
  3. After you have all the numbers, either call our archives staff at (970)925-3721 ext. 103 or email [email protected]. They’ll ask you for the image number and the sizes you want. Pricing (plus shipping and/or taxes) is:
5″ x 7″$15
8″ x 10″$35
11″ x 14″$60
16″ x 20″$85
20″ x 24″$115

More sizes available upon request. Some images may need to be cropped.

  1. If you need more help than that, call or email and we’re happy to help guide you through the process. Easy as  1,2,3!
  2. Please allow 3-4 days for image processing.


Usage Terms & Fees

Digital Image File:$15 per image
National Advertisements & Publications

Full Page
1/2 Page
1/4 Page


National Publications Cover Use$250 per image
Use of the Wheeler Stallard House or the Holden Marolt Barn for photoshoots or videotaping:$250 per session
Special Media Use:Negotiated
Local advertisements and Non-profits:Negotiated
Research for Commericial Purposes:$30 per hour
Research for Public, Media or Non-Commercial Research (in person):$15 per hour. Following 2 hours of free access per year
Research for Public, Media or Non-Commercial Research via mail, email or Phone:$30 per hour. Following 30 minutes of free search time per request
Black / White copy$.20 per
Color copy$.80 per
Shipping & Handling:Minimum $5.00 per order

All prices subject to change.

• All fees are for a one-time use only.
• Each image must be credited to the Aspen Historical Society.
• A one-time use release must be signed by each user.
• A copy of the published product is requested.

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